lunedì 18 giugno 2012

Remove the water where the sharks swim!

Italy needs to be equipped to dispose of public property as soon as possible. The Prime Minister Mario Monti said that the Government has no intention to use another maneuver (this is so encouraging). But that does not mean that things start to go for the best, indeed. Thursday were placed BTP maturing in three years at very high rates. This means that the emergency will run again and is no longer possible to ask for sacrifices to the Italians. For this the government is preparing technical tools, real estate funds and securities, through which channel, with a view to sale, real estate and movable assets of the public sector. The challenge is to try to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, when public property was virtually sold out "the worst agent." To avoid this, and have maximum drawdowns from discontinued operations, serve community and a contest advisor. But this requires time not so short. The sale of public real estate part of the plan "cut debt" that the government would provide. This is not a revolution, but one thing that had to be made ​​by at least 15 years, to bring down the interest on the debt and to breathe our economy. Cutting debt would be a strong signal to financial markets, including on the need to refinance debt to stem speculative pressures. So, before making the end of Greece must remove the water where the sharks swim.