domenica 17 giugno 2012

Movements. Storace: "It brings new reality of group right"

"I believe that a new reality aggregative right to be born from the ashes of a crisis that has affected the politics, and we will because we are the only players to have remained consistent with our ideas. We paid a pledge in the past, but now we are amply repay those sacrifices. We must continue to talk to people, and well-being popular events that may allow us to explain concepts such as sovereignty and bank seigniorage, which will allow us to uncover the deception of Europe `s` euro and the ECB. "Is what he writes on his blog Francesco Storace, the national secretary of The Right. "The festival flag falls today more than ever in the path that must lead to 'the right to represent the needs of citizens, to intercept and interpret the disappointment of a stale political and not ours. We grew up in the people, and we are the people's side. And what better occasion to celebrate this union of an event that brings in the name of that flag that triumphs in our symbol, which makes our party with the largest flag to the inside of their emblem. I believe even more today, in light of the wonderful successes that we are collecting, that Italians are not in search of `anti-political, but the real politics. That The Right ", concludes.